Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Week 5 Wiki this!

Hi Bloggers, Flickrenos and Wikipedians, I spent some time on the wikis, loved the Montana History Wiki, especially the pronouncing guide to place names, if I ever go there I'll be able to talk the lingo like a native!

Then I uploaded two Blue Mountains images to Wikimedia, that took some time but I finally got the hang of it: Sylvia Falls and Boars Head Rock, I can't give a proper hot link because it's not working.

I found it easier than trying to add to Wikipedia and gave me a chance to add something slightly more significant and with a descriptive text, considering the fairly ordinary tourist photos of the Blue Mountains there.

More: I just returned to the Blogging Libraries Wiki and added our RITM and LS blogs, I didn't think they were quite ready for Jackos Shed yet!

Cheers, Jacko

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