Thursday, July 8, 2010

9 companies with amazing perks....

Would you like to work here?

For these companies, the perks are aplenty!


What is it? An independent trading firm with offices in Sydney, Amsterdam, Chicago, Hong Kong, Taipei and Tokyo.

Employee perks: Breakfast and lunch on busy mornings, games room with pool, ping-pong and foosball, “Thank goodness it’s Friday” events, annual sun/snow/surf weekend, poker and massages.


What is it? A leading employment-search website with more than 400 employees in Australia.

Employee perks: Study leave, career counselling, free breakfast, bikes to ride, walking clubs, health assessments, Christmas presents, football and tennis competitions, breakout rooms with games, FOXTEL and beanbags.


What is it? Australia’s leading online marketplace. eBay Inc also includes brands such as eBay, PayPal, Skype, StubHub and

Employee perks: Stocks, paid study leave, team retreats, wine-and-beer fridge, birthday celebrations, yoga, lawn bowls and treasure hunts.


What is it? A mobile-phone service provider built on founder Richard Branson’s philosophy of people first. Happy workforce = happy customers.

Employee perks: Free phone and $25 monthly credit, study leave, book club, fruit, Virgin Unite charity program, VDays (five extra days of annual leave), extended holidays, and Virgin Atlantic “Mates’ rates” on international airfares.


What is it? Manufacturer and marketer of personal care and household brands, such as VO5, TRESemmé, and St. Ives.

Employee perks: Fortnightly massages, fruit baskets, getaway room, morning tea, hair products and brand events. Even Joh Bailey hairstyling sessions!


What is it? The world’s largest food company, with more than 5,000 employees across Australia and NZ.

Employee perks: Fitness membership, Nestlé Cares Program (it provides a grant in the name of an employee who volunteers their time to a charity).


What is it? A national consulting firm.

Employee perks: Profit shares, vibrant offices, social club, Wood’n’Groovers rock band, triathlons, river cruises, rock climbing and corporate croquet.


What is it? The world’s most innovative multinational electronics corporation – responsible for the iPhone and MacBook. Apple actively encourages its workers to “be part of something big”.

Employee perks: Health and life insurance, employee stock purchase plan, financial education, tuition assistance, product discounts, wellness programs, fitness centre, and an organic cafe.


What is it? Only the world’s largest internet search engine!

Employee perks: Gourmet lunch and dinner, tuition reimbursement (up to $12,000), adoption assistance (up to $5,000), volleyball court, onsite oil change and car wash services, hairstylist, fitness classes and massages.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Undercover at the Library

7.06.10 - 4:30PM- by Eliot Glazer

(Why, Fox Chicago?)

Chicago's Fox affiliate asked a good question recently: What's the deal with libraries? Since 1900, these public institutions have lined shelves with books and magazines that have provided both research and escape to millions of patrons. Parents and children have used library services for their educational and community programs, as well as -- in more recent years -- computers and, thus, access to the internet (which we know is pretty awesome). The library's placement in America as a public domain that houses children and adults, providing them with tools for education and growth, is an undeniable institution that one would likely claim remains integral to our communities.

Or...not, asks My Fox Chicago. Are the libraries in Illinois (799 to be exact) a waste of tax payer money? In the age of the internet, has text on paper become obsolete, leaving our libraries looking like hubs exclusively meant for blocked porn sites and falling down the YouTube rabbit hole? My Fox Chicago leans toward yes, in a oddly pessimistic, investigative story that apparently required the reporter to go with a hidden camera, spy-style. In the library. To see what's up and stuff.

Yep, turns out the library is busy, especially in a time of recession when people need job-hunting resources, but the action is at the free computers. Looks like libraries are still bringing information to people in need, just in new ways. Thanks for checkin' in, Fox!

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