Tuesday, December 16, 2008

999 book Challenge

Book challenge for 2009
My colleague Scarlett and I have decided to take the 999 challenge as seen on Library Thing.We have to read 9 books of your choice in 9 different categories of your choice in 2009.That is a total of 81 books for the year, it certainly will be a challenge.
My categories are: Books Made Into Movies, Short Listed and Man-Booker Prize Winners, Word of Mouth, Chic Lit, Classic Reading, Australian Authors, Biographies, 1001 Must Reads and Crime Fiction.
I have picked my lists for books made into movies,booker prize winners, australian authors and 1001 must reads. I am still to complete the other 5 lists.
Scarlett's lists comprise of Embarassing gaps in my reading, Stagnant bookself books, Orange prize winners, Man-Booker prize winners, Books made into movies, 1001 must reads,Australian authors, Recommended reads and Crime.
There is only one rule and that is you can only have 6 cross over books in your 9 catagories.
Stayed tuned to see how it all pans out.

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vicki said...

I am so impressed with this challenge that you have set for yourselves. I look forward to updates!