Thursday, June 4, 2009

Public Library Ambassadors Program

ALIA names Australia's first public library ambassadors
ALIA is delighted to announce the appointment of the nation's first two Public Library Ambassadors: Barry Heard, the award-winning Australian author, and Bruce Miller, one of New South Wales' most active local government leaders.

The Public Library Ambassador program is in full swing with further resources to assist libraries to get their program underway. We encourage public libraries to continue to develop and confirm local ambassadors around the country.

ALIA Public Library Ambassadors can be grass-root members of the community or celebrity advocates who will use their talent or fame to promote the value of public libraries in their lives, especially attracting media attention. Similar in concept to UNESCO's goodwill ambassadors, an important difference is that ALIA Public Library Ambassadors come from a broad cross-section of the Australian community.

Amabassador Program information

Media release: ALIA names Australia's first public library ambassadors
Media Release

I am delighted to announce that Jean Nicholson has graciously accepted to be the Blue Mountains Public Library Ambassador. It was felt that Jean is one of the Library's biggest advocates. We will also be recuiting a "high profile" ambassador - watch this space!

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