Friday, October 30, 2009

ALIA Draft Vision and National Framework

The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) is seeking your participation in a consultation process on a draft vision and national framework for Australian public libraries.

At the ALIA Public Libraries Summit on 16 July 2009, delegates gave ALIA a clear mandate to take the lead in developing a national framework for public libraries, working collaboratively with Public Libraries Australia (PLA), Friends of Libraries Australia (FOLA), National and State Libraries Australasia (NSLA), and the state and territory based public library associations.

ALIA has produced a project plan to guide the process, and has now developed a document which represents stage two - the draft vision and strategy.

The document is available via the Summit website

The draft ideas are based on discussions and feedback from the ALIA Public Libraries Summit 2009, papers submitted by the key Australian public library organisations in advance of the Summit, and public library vision and strategy work carried out in other parts of the world.

ALIA would like to hear your views about this shared vision and national framework for Australian public libraries. Please feel free to circulate this document to your members and to anyone outside your own organisation.

The consultation process will take place over the three months October to December 2009. ALIA would appreciate receiving your response on or before Friday 11 December 2009. Submission details are in the document.

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