Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Western Sydney Way of the Future

We have been invited to visit www.westernsydney2030.com.au which was launched this week as a way for people and organisations in Western Sydney to tell government what kind of future they want to live in.

Already, with very limited promotion, there has been a lively discussion going on around issues like transport, housing, where suburbs should be, urban renewal, learning, sport and recreation and the environment.

The aim of the website to let people express their aspirations for life in 2030 and beyond, and then bring those ideas to our panel of experts who can help us paint a picture of what Western Sydney should look like in 2030.
Armed with that vision the people of Western Sydney will be better able to influence government decision making in a much more informed way.

Other features of the website include links to more information about a range of subjects, the ability to organise forums or community events about issues, and soon they will enable people to email relevant politicians and Ministers about issues that matter to them.

It’s a work in progress and they are waiting for your comments both on the site but, more importantly, on what matters to you about Western Sydney’s future.

All comments will be fed into a submission from WSROC.

With both state and federal elections coming up in the next twelve months, this is a great opportunity for people in Western Sydney to have their voices heard.

Please forward this to all your personal and business contacts. The more people that are involved in this discussion - the better the outcome!

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