Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Undercover at the Library

7.06.10 - 4:30PM- by Eliot Glazer

(Why, Fox Chicago?)

Chicago's Fox affiliate asked a good question recently: What's the deal with libraries? Since 1900, these public institutions have lined shelves with books and magazines that have provided both research and escape to millions of patrons. Parents and children have used library services for their educational and community programs, as well as -- in more recent years -- computers and, thus, access to the internet (which we know is pretty awesome). The library's placement in America as a public domain that houses children and adults, providing them with tools for education and growth, is an undeniable institution that one would likely claim remains integral to our communities.

Or...not, asks My Fox Chicago. Are the libraries in Illinois (799 to be exact) a waste of tax payer money? In the age of the internet, has text on paper become obsolete, leaving our libraries looking like hubs exclusively meant for blocked porn sites and falling down the YouTube rabbit hole? My Fox Chicago leans toward yes, in a oddly pessimistic, investigative story that apparently required the reporter to go with a hidden camera, spy-style. In the library. To see what's up and stuff.

Yep, turns out the library is busy, especially in a time of recession when people need job-hunting resources, but the action is at the free computers. Looks like libraries are still bringing information to people in need, just in new ways. Thanks for checkin' in, Fox!

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