Monday, November 17, 2008

Week 12 Wrap me up with my stockwhip and blanket...

Well hasn't it been a great trip! Full marks to the State Library team for putting the course together, and very special thanks to Vicki for encouraging us all with our weekly certificates and sweeties. I'm still discovering the cool stuff our staff have been doing in their blogs and I do hope we all continue with this.

We now have so many more skills and tools in our repertoire and I've used some already: the Remains of the Day kangaroo poster I did on Big Huge Labs Motivator is now going to be used in my pre-schooler Storytime warm up as a reward to the kids for participating in my Squiggles inspired kangaroo dance, there is preview in our Readers in the Mist blog.

The highlight of week 12 for me has been the Rotarua PL on Bebo, it's a really fun library site, especially the Gingerbread-people Haka. Finally I should acknowledge our IT dept for allowing access to what has been considered 'time wasting on the internet', but we know different now!


vicki said...

Great wrap up comments - thanks for embracing this new cool technology with me! Good to see what we have done being incorporated into our day to day work too!

pls@slnsw said...

Really glad that you enjoyed the course!

Ellen (PLS)