Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Calling all women

Have you ever wanted to contribute to a book? Fill in this survey and you may be immortalised!

Women's Stuff by Kaz Cooke: The Survey
Hello there!

I'm writing a book for women of all ages, about all sorts of aspects of our lives – appearance, confidence, health, mind, purpose, relationships, friends, family, nesting, money, and much more... a bit like the one I wrote for teenage girls called Girl Stuff. This survey is to find out what you think is important, how you feel about things that affect you, and what you'd like to read about in the new book Women's Stuff, to be published by Penguin Books.

I promise your name and details will never be given or sold to anybody else for any reason. Some quotes from survey answers may be used in the book, along with a first name and suburb or area (you can use a fake name).

You don't have to fill in all the questions in the survey, just the stuff that's interesting or relevant to you. Skip as many questions as you like. Please finish your survey before 1 June 2009.
Thanks so much for your help with Women's Stuff!

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Survey here

Thanks Naomi for this!

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