Tuesday, May 26, 2009

News From Richmond-Tweed Libraries....

Hi all,

Hope all Library Staff and libraries have survived the disastrous weather OK.
Please let me know if any libraries were flooded or damaged in the past few days.

Here at Richmond-Tweed all staff OK. Our Lismore City Library was closed when the CBD was evacuated - library staff came in at around midnight to move equipt up to the 2nd & 3rd floors. However the rivers peaked at just below the new levee top, and disaster avoided by app 200mm. On Saturday morning staff cam in early to reorganize the stored equipment so the library could open. Our Lennox Head Branch was blocked by a falling tree - lucky no damage to the building, and it re opened once the chainsaws arrived.
2 Branches closed briefly during short power cuts, and one Branch closed early as staff had to leave to avoid being cut off by flooding creeks. One of the 2 main streets leading to our HQ will be closed for months, as a flash flood swept a vast 4 metre wide section of road, roadbase and underlying culvert away, leaving a yawning chasm About 4 metres deep. Pics on ABC North Coast website. Fortunately no vehicles on it at the time.
Most Branches busier than usual after the events, as locals gather to meet and compare stories.


Martin Field
Richmond-Tweed Regional Library
Ph: 02 6625 1415
Fax: 02 6625 1479

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like that time Katoomba flooded when I was up there . . .