Monday, August 11, 2008

Library 2.0 the deja vu version

Here I go again. Is this what you wanted us to do Vicki, do our own posts, or comment only?
I had a go at the Library 2.0 thing Helene Blowers started. As many of you know, I've gotten in to the bloggy thing but some of the other stuff eluded me/scared me so I intend to spend a bit more time on them. Ho hem, we'll see - do we play safe or do we go wild?
Anyway, I am excited that everyone will be doing this - I am looking forward to more company on Readers in the Mist.



Misao said...

I have started the library 2.0 thing as well, and have a very disturbing sense of de ja vu. I was wondering why I had a tightening of the chest muscles and a queasy feeling... the course style and content is incredibly similar to the study I did for my grad. dip. through Charles Sturt Uni, which I finished last year (with a huge sigh of relief). I actually felt like I was studying again, and it was a bit stressful for a moment! However I have had a little pep talk with my self, and I am ready to learn again! Some of it is new and some I know about, and other bits I have actively avoided, and will continue to do so! Nothing could induce me to set up a MyFace account!


Rosemary said...

I'm working my way through Week 1 and feel a bit overwhelmed with what's ahead. I want to succeed with this so may need some help from my colleagues.

MargaretG said...

this is going to be an interesting journey - it's all new territory to me.