Friday, August 22, 2008

Week 4 RSS

1. What do you like about RSS and newsreaders?

I like the way the info comes to you, which is good in theory but needs to be used with care to avoid information overload.

2. What sites did you select for your RSS reader?

Originally I just clicked on a lot of news feeds and the PhM picture of the day. It was eye opening to realise that some people would actually want two rugby league feeds, two rugby union, two soccer, three cricket and four sport feeds - just in case one missed anything, all to one's desk top, like all the time!

3. How do you think you might be able to use this technology in your work?

I think it's another useful tool to know about, it seems to be an essential part of blogs and it's even on my flickr site.

4. How can libraries use RSS or take advantage of this new technology?

We can provide updates from our readers' advice blog.

5. Did you find any good examples of other library blogs?

Yes and I added some to by blogs eg Yarra Plenty Local Studies blog and I admire the Sutherland Library blog with it's page tabs, but the html is proving just a little difficult at this stage!

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