Friday, August 29, 2008

Week 3 NSW Public Libraries Learning 2.0

How did you go using Flickr? I found it really slow on our network. I did do the adventure and added some photos. Naturally they are photos of my beautiful cat Batu. You can see them if you seach on "Batu on Balcony" and "Batu in safety gear". Plus I uploaded a couple of holiday snaps. There are some absolutely stunning photos of the Blue Mountains.

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Pippi said...

I feel like I'm running on the spot! Just finishing off week 1 today (at the end of week 3). I'm looking forward to becoming more confident and skilled and know that I just need to FIND THE TIME to fit Library 2.0 into my short work week. I tried to do some of the activities at home and realised how frustratingly slow my home broadband connection is. Do I have the dosh and motivation to pay for a better service? I'm undecided as yet.